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Services Bronze Silver Gold Platina
$ 70 $ 100 $140 $190
Virus Removal  
Back Up    
Pre Format      
Creating 2 Partitions
Windows Instalation
Driver Instalation
Anti Virus Instalation  
Office Instalation  
2 Others Program Inst.    
Prices $ 70 100 140 190

1> Free Anti Spyware

2> Update Virus Definitions For Norton Anti Virus (Windows XP) March. 17, 2009 (46M)

3> Free Anti Filter Free Gate

4> Independent Tests of Anti-Virus Software AV-Comparatives.org


The Internet Has Never Been More Dangerous

Rogue Anti-Virus, Infected Computers and Malicious Code Break New
Barriers as Electronic Crime’s Sophistication and Ambition Grow Unchecked


Rogue anti-malware programs are proliferating at an
unprecedented rate. In H1, 2009, the number of such programs grew 585%


The number of unique phishing websites detected in June rose
to 49,084, the second-highest number recorded since APWG began reporting
this measurement




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