Computer from basic to professional for all ages.

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» Onsite Training: We can customize training for you or your staff to handle occasional issues without the need to call us for more details.

Basic $40 per hour
* Windows (Basic)
* Internet (Email - Search - Pay your bills - Check your bank account)
* Microsoft Word (Create a file - Type - Spell check)

Intermediate $45 per hour
* Microsoft Word (Border - Make a Flyer)
* Microsoft Excel
* Microsoft Front Page (Web design – Publishing the site)
* Photo shop (Edit a picture – Change of size)

Professional $50 per hour
* Microsoft Word (Type a book – Header – Footer)
* Microsoft Excel (Chart & Graph - Data base - Formula - Accounting)
* Photo shop (Make layers – Effects)
* Corel draw (Design – 3D design)
* Get a domain name & Assign a host
* Dreamweaver (Web design – Tags - Publishing the site)
* Flash (Animation – Sound effects)
* PHP (Dynamic Web design)

Basic $40 per hour
* Hardware (All about computer – CD – DVD)
* Software (Operating system - Virus – Anti virus)

Intermediate $45 per hour
* Windows installation
* DSL Internet installation
* Play DVD on your TV

Professional $50 per hour
* Format & Pre format * Create partition on your hard
* Upgrade and troubleshooting your PC
* Add a card and drivers
* Networking (Wireless – File, printer and Internet sharing ) * Expand your monitor
* Bluetooth connections (File transferring)

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Professinal computer repair. PC - Mac - Laptop - Tablet.
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Professinal virus removal and data recovering.

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Computer Training from basic to professional.